The easiest way to get green card is to get it through diversity green card lottery. The diversity lottery scheme was issued by the USA government for the people of those countries where the rate of immigration to USA is low. The diversity lottery provides 50,000 permanent residence visas through the lottery to the people around the world. This service was started in 1990 by the USA government. The lottery is conducted every year by the congressional mandate. This is a fully computerized method that is carried out until the required number or names are obtained. The procedure is easy, though you depend a lot on your luck. Once you qualify and get through the lottery, you will get the permanent visa and enjoy the rights of a legal citizen in USA.

Eligible countries that can apply for green card lottery

The people who are applying for the DV lottery must satisfy the condition of coming from the eligible country. As mentioned above only those countries are eligible where the immigration to US rate is low. The countries where the rate is higher than 50,000 people per year were excluded by the US government in last lottery. These countries also included Canada, India, Pakistan, China, Brazil, Columbia and many others. The countries of the region of Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America and South America, where the immigration rate is low are eligible to take part in lottery.

How to Apply For the DV Green Card Lottery

The procedure to apply for the DV lottery is easy and involves a few steps. All individuals who satisfy the following requirements can apply for the green card lottery:

  1. First requirement is coming from an eligible country. If you do not belong to eligible countries, the DV lottery is not an option for you. You will have to adopt other means to get the green card.
  2. The second requirement is that the applicant has minimum of high school education. If not, he should have work experience in a field that require at least two years of training. If the required education or experience is not possessed by the applicant, he should not waste his time applying for the lottery as it will be rejected.
  3. you have one more option to apply for the lottery. If you do not belong to eligible country you can apply through your parents or spouses who belong to eligible countries. There are some rules and regulations for that.

There is no other requirement than that you submit your application completed and in a prescribed way with all required documents.

Procedure for participation

The participation in DV lottery program is free. To make yourself one of the eligible candidates and to increase your chances of winning the lottery, you must make sure that all your documents are provided through valid source. You are required to present latest colored photographs, all your personal accurate information and educational record information. The questions that are asked in the application are easy to answer. When your application is ready, next step is to submit it for draw. To avoid any difficulty like wrong entries, insufficient data and language problems you can get the help of some organization that work for this purpose.